Rural Preacher Sells Plasma Three Times to Fund Paralyzed Patient

A man donates his blood at a blood station.
A man donates his blood at a blood station.
By Shiguang Li June 12th, 2024

A paralyzed believer, Mr. Zhang, was unable to take care of himself and needed to be sent to a welfare institution. It charged 1,600 yuan per month, which was raised by three channels.

Mr. Zhu was one of the sponsors. As a rural preacher, he volunteered in the church without any compensation. At the same time, he didn’t do any other work. Contributing 500 yuan a month to support Mr. Zhang was a significant burden for him. He said, “God tested me for six months under this circumstance. These days have become the most difficult period of my life so far.”




Due to his financial struggles, Mr. Zhu sold plasma three times. Since selling blood was prohibited, he opted to sell plasma. He earned 380 yuan each time, for a total of 1,140 yuan. He said that it was a very difficult time for him to feel that God had suddenly disappeared.




After these incredibly difficult six months, he realized that God worked. Once, he had dinner with Preacher Wang, from another place. After that, the preacher and his church decided to support Mr. Zhu with 1,200 yuan every month.




There was also other good news. At that time, people mainly paid in cash, so Mr. Zhu had to visit the welfare institution monthly to pay Mr. Zhang's bill. Surprisingly, the director of the institution decided to reduce the monthly fee by 400 yuan, bringing it down to 1,200 yuan.

But in winter, the welfare institution required an additional heating fee. Mr. Zhang needed to pay 600 yuan every year. Mr. Zhu could afford it, but God didn’t let him do so.




One winter, when it was time to pay the bill, an elderly accountant at the institution, moved by Mr. Zhu's dedication, paid the bill on his behalf.




The next year, Mr. Zhu went to the welfare institution again to pay the bill. The director happened to come back and saw that he was going to pay. The dean said to him, “Mr. Zhu, from now on, you don’t need to pay for it anymore, we will cover it.”

- Translated by Olinda Wang

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