Christian Testimony Series: Stories of Two Church Workers

A cross
A cross (photo: BGEA)
By Wu ZhongyiNovember 25th, 2021

Editor's note: This is part one of the Christian testimony series:  the stories of two church workers who suffered the consequences of weird sickness or poverty and eventually received God's healing. 

1. A pastor healed from psychosis

A pastor still serves in a Christian gathering site in his seventies. He keeps giving more than one-tenth of his pension to God, as he has done so for years. 

He once suffered from psychosis, or madness, behaving weirdly with crazy talk. When his psychosis was serious, he tore his clothes and became naked without feeling shameful. He had no idea if he had eaten enough food and slept during the day. 

In order to cure his disease, his family took him to several authoritative hospitals, but the root problem failed to be tackled. His conditions seemed to fluctuate from time to time, but he was generally insane. 

While in despair, his family was told that the sickness could be healed if he became a Christian. With the mindset of “giving it a shot”, his wife took him to a local church. 

Knowing their situation, a pastor communicated with him in a side chapel. He became quiet in the church, ceasing to squabble. The man even nodded his head when he was talking with the pastor. Sensing the possibilities for his change, his family accompanied him to the church whenever it was open except Sundays. Smiles seemed to occupy his face as he followed the choir to sing hymns and praise the Lord. 

Being literate, he could understand sermons and read the Bible by himself. After eventually being healed, he was baptized into Christ along with his wife. Thanks to good education, he had opportunities to receive training several times and has become the head of a meeting point. 

2. A woman of integrity who paid her sick mother’s debt

As a graduate of a seminary’s short-term training program, she oversees a church at the age of 31. 

However, she, born into a Christian family, has come through so much compared to her contemporaries. Just before graduating from university, her mother had surgery due to uterine diseases. In the following years, she was hospitalized three times for gastrectomy. The last operation resulting from a sudden cerebral hemorrhage consumed all the family’s savings and created a debt of more than 300,000 yuan. 

The doctor said that those diseases left her mother "unable to function independently." But she came to recover gradually and could even run some simple errands at home. 

After graduation, the daughter ran a grocery store to pay the debt. Owing to her hardworking and integrity, her business was getting better and better. Her parents assisted her in operating the mini-mart. 

At last, the debt was paid. Then she came to serve in the church as her parents and shop assistants were able to maintain the business. Besides this, she also found a husband in the church, who supports her ministry. 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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