World Vision Reinvests 800M Yuan to Fund Jiangxi Shicheng County Children’s Programs

World Vision
World Vision (photo: World Vision)
By Ruth WangOctober 31st, 2015

Recently the World Vision's Office in China signed a cooperation agreement called the Jiangxi Shicheng Children as the Development Program with the Jiangxi Shicheng government.

According to the Gannan Daily, the agreement was signed  on September 23. The cooperation period will last five years from 2016 to 2021. The preliminary budget is 800 million yuan. The program will cover Longgang Village, Mulan Village, Gaotian Town and the rural children and their families of the newly added villages and towns. The program content involves four main parts: health, sanitation, sustainable livelihood and children protection and it will be carried out around the main fields: improving children's constitutions, promoting sustainable livelihoods of communities, training children's self-protection and improving preschool education and its quality of care.

World Vision, founded in 1950, is a Christian humanitarian organization that aims to demonstrate God's love and is dedicated to serving the poor and needed. Since cooperating with Shicheng County in 2006, World Vision has invested 15.57 million yuan and its projects have benefited more than 85,158 people.

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